Valentine Balloon Garland: Flirt Collection

Valentine Balloon Garland: Flirt Collection

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This fun & trendy 6' Valentine-themed organic balloon garland makes an awesome statement as a valentine backdrop in your home, office, or celebration area.

These single garlands work great for nearly any type of event and can be easily hung/secured to add extra pops of color to your party. Bonus: a super fun photo backdrop for all your insta-worthy photos!

You'll need a place to hang it/display it and command hooks or something similar to tie it to.  Buy 2 pieces to connect them for a 12' display (see image)

    The Flirt Collection is a Designer's Choice style, meaning we take creative liberty to design your Valentine Balloon Garland within the color palette of the Flirt Collection, which is pinks, reds, and white.  {For other color palettes, please check out the Romance & Playful Collections}

    The Valentine Garland is all air-filled, latex balloons measuring approximately 6' in linear length with a varying girth of about 24'.  The Valentine Garlands come in two styles: Sweet and Sizzle.  

    The Sweet Style consists of solid-color, latex balloons ranging in size from 3"-11". (Example image shown)

    The Sizzle Style (not pictured) consists of a mix of solid color and printed printed latex balloons varying in shapes and sizes from small 3" accents to extra large size 15" with so many fun accents for an EXTRA experience including:

    • 6x squiggle balloons
    • 3x 18-20" mylar balloons matching the theme
    • 1x large shape printed mylar balloon


    For indoor use only!

    The garland has a good lifespan from days-week (or more) when kept indoors, under normal temps, and away from direct sunlight.  


    • We are unable to guarantee any specific balloon availability.
    • We reserve the right to make any substitutions to balloons of an equal or higher value at our discretion.
    • Limited stock available. Early orders are recommended. Item will be marked SOLD OUT when it is no longer available to order.