Local delivery within 30 miles Mon-Fri with $100 minimum.

Two Ways to Work with Eye Candy Balloons!

To help you get the best service from Eye Candy Balloons, here's an explanation of the 2 ways you can work with us to have us create awesome balloon decor for your events and celebrations or as balloon gifts for friends and family:


1. Eye Candy Balloons - Custom Event Decor

  • Complete the decor request and tell us about your event.
  • We'll create an initial quote once we confirm our availability
  • A save-the-date retainer is required before we invest time on custom designing your event. Once the retainer is paid, we reserve your event on our calendar to be available, and dive deeper into your event designs.
  • Minimum order begins at $250
  • We book events up to 18 months in advance.
  • We service NH, MA, VT, and ME (and beyond with extra travel expenses) 
  • The process from start to finish for designing your event could take a day or two if you know what you want and have all the information ready to share with us or it could take a few weeks depending on the scale of the event and unknown factors.
  • For corporate and school clients, ideally we'd work on the event details 4-6 weeks prior, but sometimes it's necessary that we get it turned around from inquiry to completion in days or a week or two. It all depends on when the event is, our own schedule, and how much information we can get from the client to help us move forward. 
  • For larger social events like weddings and mitzvahs, we prefer to work on the design details 2-3 months prior. Anything further, we'll hold off on designing to reduce the potential for any changes. The retainer is important to have the date reserved in our schedule even if the design is finalized.
  • Anything more than 2 weeks lead time is ideal to ensure we have time to get all the details from you, design the decor, receive payments, order any supplies and stock, time to build, and then setup onsite.
  • If it's a rush order (within 1-7 days) from the event, rush fees apply understandably, as we rearrange our schedule to accommodate working on your event quickly and often adjusting other delivery times when necessary.
  • We can't wait for you to become a client and get to be part of whatever event you're planning.


2. Eye Candy Balloons - Online Shop

  • Visit our Online Shop to browse, select, and order your balloon decor or gift
  • Minimum online order is $100.
  • You can book your order up to 30 days in advance.
  • Local Delivery is available within 30 miles from our address, between 7-11am and 3-5pm, Monday-Friday, depending on our schedule. 
  • If you'd like to place an online order, but the delivery area is beyond 30 miles, we'll need to approve the availability and distance before ordering. You can add items to your cart. Then complete the contact form and we'll let you know the delivery costs and can adjust your cart to continue to process if it's possible
  • Online Ordering is the smallest time and money investment you can make with us.
  • Typical time to place and complete your balloon order is 15 minutes or less to cross this off your to-do list.
  • While you won't have a personal talk with us before your order, we email customers a few times once an order is placed to let you know we're here, we see you, and you're order is important, as well as delivery confirmations and other pertinent information.
  • We do not offer same-day delivery or pickup, because we likely already have our day scheduled out for other clients and activities. We can take orders the day before if placed by 2pm so please plan accordingly.
  • We do not offer totally custom designs through the online shop. If you are looking for party ideas, we're going to send you to pinterest or google to come up with what you want and very often, you'll need to start a custom decor request to get what you're wanting.  Happy to custom design your decor, but please know that is not going to happen from the online shop options.




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