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The Evolution of Eye Candy Balloons

It goes without saying now that 2020 changed so much for nearly everyone. The world changed, adapted, and adjusted. And so did Eye Candy Balloons. We still are as the world around us is making adaptations constantly to our environments and our situations. It's an evolving process.  All business is an evolving process, with or without a pandemic.  We've just done so much more in such a short time.

Let me tell you about us.

Since 2016, we've operated as Eye Candy Balloons, designing and creating awesome, mostly custom, balloon decor for events, large and small, serving predominantly New Hampshire and occasionally MA, VT, and ME when requested.

We specialized in corporate events, including non-profits, for events like fundraisers, grand openings, races, galas, and so much more. We also love being involved in school functions, such as graduations, homecomings, prom, etc. Generally, we are designing balloon decorations specifically for a particular event, client, budget, theme, and space. And we're good at it.

We've amassed a stellar portfolio of clients from small businesses to world-known corporations like Amazon, Coke-Cola, Planet Fitness, and Comcast. We've worked with kindergartens up to large Universities for different events. We work hard and are fortunate to be trusted by so many.

And in the meantime, we've had the pleasure of being part of some dynamic and beautiful weddings and have been published in several wedding publications, including Green Wedding Shoes.

We've been part of some amazing social celebrations such as milestone birthday parties, like when Great Gran turned 100, and many baby's 1st birthdays, retirement parties, anniversary celebrations, bridal and baby shower, and more. Most of these celebrations happened in local venues across New Hampshire where we've had the pleasure to decorate the spaces for maximum visual impact.

Bar & Bat Mitzvahs are some of our favorites as they're usually themed in some way and allow us to be the most creative and fill the space for all ages to enjoy!

As March 2020 arrived, events stopped. Not dwindled. Stopped. Cancellations, postponements, and uncertainty hit us (and all event vendors) in a big way with no future dates in sight for when events would be "safe" again.

We took April "off" from any kind of decorating, out of respect, out of safety concerns, out of uncertainty for the future.

But slowly, we were being contacted by new people with different requests. Could we add something to their yard for an outdoor drive-by birthday celebration and graduation parades. These requests showed us that people were still celebrating and finding a new, safe way to do it. Celebrations are still SO important, and that means balloon decor is still a much desired celebration element to really bring big pops of color to the "party". 

By May, we were full into graduation season, even with uncertainty from many, we had inquiries and were busy with contact-free, outdoor only deliveries. They were smaller scale orders than what we had done in the all the years before, but they were just as important and necessary (if not more so) to the people celebrating. 

We worked quickly to get an online graduation specific online ordering system in place to meet the demand and make it easy for people to order. We created a varied list of graduation balloon decor options in different price ranges for customers to choose from and place their orders. It was a success and we were able to deliver so much graduation happiness to so many. The joy from parents and grandparents who were so grateful to get to celebrate their graduate was overwhelming. It was definitely a highlight of the springtime for us personally to spread so much cheer and it was a boost to our business to have unexpected revenue with no "events" going on. Win Win for everyone.

Throughout the summer, our online social celebration orders begin picking up and we were able to stay busy helping parents, and aunties, and friends, and grandparents celebrate their birthdays and new babies and baby showers with our new "Yard Art" category, still only offering outdoor decor for contact-free deliveries.

In September, we launched a bigger, more robust online shop that would make shopping and ordering decor for ALL kinds of celebrations more accessible and fun to shop from. The online orders are not custom orders per se, because they are standard options listed, but we do customize each order with their colors and theme and any personalization that they've added.  It's a work in progress even still, with us working on it almost daily to add more helpful information, make it more user friendly, and create new decor options.

The online shop continues to grow, with the large majority of orders still choosing for us to deliver it, and we're happy to!

The winter has been icy cold here and outdoor decor is (mostly) paused until spring, so we've had more indoor deliveries, still celebrating all kinds of things with people from birthday to babies, anniversaries, get well gifts, and more.

We've been getting more and more events indoors and even going back to decorating events in venues once again, but with adjustments and adaptations such as smaller groups, more spaced out, etc. We love seeing people keep up their celebrations and now look to the future and plan more fun.

So our "regular" event business is beginning to come back and we have all kinds of events already booked for 2021 (and quite a few for 2022) for our custom decor from weddings, mitzvahs, corporate employee events, baby showers, birthdays, and more.

And now, we realize, we've essentially created a "new" business with our Online Shop. How they both work together for our time when we have both events that we are designing and spending time onsite for installations and celebration deliveries from online orders is a little unknown for us just yet.

No doubt we will continue to do the best we can for every customer and client we have because every celebration matters to us.




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